2.1 Tickets at the box office can be purchased with cash and credit/debit cards, in Russian Rubles.

2.2 Tickets presale is conducted in accordance with approved timetable that can be found online and at the Theatre box office, generally 3 months prior to the Event (in single cases given period can be changed based on the relevant information on the Theatre website).

2.3 Tickets presale is conducted on first-come first-served basis at Theatre box office and online in accordance with timetable which shows start date and time of ticket sale for each event, and indicates sales method depending on implementation period.
2.3.1 First period: ticket sale only at the Theatre box office 

Tickets are only sold to Customers to one of the events who intend to attend performance IN PERSON. Customer must provide proof of identification. Ticket should indicate Customer’s details (birth certificate if Customer is underage). Purchase of the second ticket that is next seat is allowed (by presenting the document or a copy that identifies next seat Customer). Documentation of Proof of filiation allows purchase for underage children (in accordance with recommended age restriction).
2.3.2 Second period. Ticket sale via Certificate (with Customer’s valid form of identification) through Theatre website 

Tickets that are not sold out after presale at Theatre box offices (indicated in the clause 2.3.1) will be available for purchase via certificate both on the website and at Theatre box office. Presence of the Guest who will attend the Event in this case is not required. Customer presents proof of identification of the Guest at the box office. Ticket discloses details that will help to identify Guest. User personally fills in the details for the ticket from his personal account on the Theatre website. No changes to the Guest details in online account or upon collection at box office can be made after the payment is completed.

2.3.3 Third period: tickets official sale 

Tickets are available for official sale at all box offices and online. Ticket purchase for this stage is carried out in accordance with the general policy set by the Theatre.