Тьерри Боске


A Belgian painter, costume designer, model maker, fresco artist and scenographer. Born in 1937. He is the grandson of Corneil de Thoran, director of “La Monnaie” the Royal Theater (Brussels Opera), and the son of Emile Bosquet, pianist. He studied scenography at the “La Cambre Architecture and Decorative Art Institute” former name of La Cambre school in Brussels, where he finished with the highest distinction.
br/> At the age of 22, he was hired as an independent at “La Monnaie” where he became the leading set and costume designer for thirty years.

For 20 years, he has been Maurice Bejart’s privileged collaborator, for whom he designed sets and costumes. He has created sets and costumes in almost every major opera house in the world: Lebanon (Baalbek Festival), Italy (Palermo, Rome, Scala de Milan), Germany (Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart Opera House), USA (San Francisco, New York), Canada (Toronto), France (Garnier, Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Nantes and Toulouse), Russia (Saint Peterburg), Austria (Vienna and Innsbruck), Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich).

He is also renowned for his party decorations, murals and paintings, across Belgium, France and Morocco.

In 2010, following his work on a book illustrating life in the great park of Versailles under the Sun King Louis XIV, he was decorated by the French Minister of Culture with the title of “Knight of Arts and Letters”.
In honour of all his work, he was awarded the title of Knight in 2014 by His Majesty the King of the Belgians.

Text by Casimir de Selliers.