The Bolshoi Ballet and the company MuzArts present an evening of contemporary choreography. The programme – titled Postscript – includes opuses by renowned choreographers, who mostly define “the image” of contemporary ballet.

Symphony in C. Debuts in the Leading Parts
22 May (12:00)
Jacopo Tissi: 2nd part soloist
Klim Efimov: 4th part soloist

22 May (19:00)

Ivan Poddubnyak: 3rd part soloist

23 May
Danila Khamzin: 3rd part soloist

Onegin. Debut
Vycheslav Lopatin makes his first appearance as Lensky.

Jewels. Debuts in the main part
Olga Marchenkova and Eleonora Sevenard make their first appearance in the leading part in Diamonds  (Part III; the leading couple) – at 12:00 and 19:00 respectively.

Spartacus. Debuts in the Main Parts
March 6 (19:00)
Artem Ovcharenko
is going to perform the part of Crassus for the first time in Moscow.

March 7
Eleonora Sevenard
makes her first appearance as Aegina.

Le Corsaire. Debuts in the Leading Parts
3 February
Denis Rodkin
: Conrad (the first performance in Moscow,
debuted on the Bolshoi Theatre tour to London in 2016)

4 February
Olga Smirnova
: Medora

5 February
Eleonora Sevenard
: Medora

6 February (12:00)
Alyona Kovalyova
: Medora
Egor Gerashchenko: Conrad

6 February (19:00)
Olga Marchenkova
: Medora
Artemy Belyakov: Conrad

Symphony in C. Debuts in the Leading Parts
30 January (12:00)
Alexandra Trikoz: 1st part soloist

30 January (19:00)
Elizaveta Kokoreva: 3rd part soloist
Daria Khokhlova, Ivan Poddubnyak: 4th part soloists

31 January
Anastasia Denisova: 1st part soloist

Coppelia. Debut in the Leading Part
Elizaveta Kokoreva makes her first appearance as Swanilda.

Nureyev. Debut
Jacopo Tissi makes his first appearance as Erik.

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